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Representing Quality Electronic Products

We represent established manufacturers of quality products, with whom we can develop a close working relationship, resulting in mutual success and growth. We continuously strive to build strong relationships with our distributor partners, support their design efforts and to constantly bring value to our customers and create solutions that will make them successful.

Product Lines

Semiconductor devices including Logic, MOSFETS, Diodes, Bi-Polar Transistors, LEDs, Optoelectronics
Broad offering of LCD displays, Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, OLED & TFT Displays, Embedded Computing, HMI Panels & Tablets
Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets, Instrument Cases, Thermal Interface Materials, Adhesives, Tapes, Rubber products, EMI / RFI Shielding, & RF Absorption Materials, Insulation Thermoset Composite Materials
Very broad offering of Connectors, Cable Assemblies and Terminal Blocks
Input Solutions, Gaskets, Seals, Overlays, Board-level Circuit Protection, Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breakers, EMI Filters and Shielding Material, Switches, Relays
AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supplies, Battery Charging Power, Liquid Cold Plates, Complex Heat Sinks and Heat Pipes, Fans, Peltiers

Featured Products

  • Eaton Hybrid Supercapacitors

    Eaton's HS hybrid supercapacitors are small-footprint, high-power energy storage devices ideal for a host of energy and industrial applications. by Eaton

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