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Proven experience and expertise in creating innovative, active solutions to the most complex thermal management issues.

As an industry leader, Laird designs and manufactures some of the world’s highest-rated, thermally conductive materials including a broad range of thermal assemblies for telecom applications, instrumentation, and other applications.

We have the right solution for your application: spring clips and hardware, thermally conductive grease, PCB materials, thermal interface gap fillers, phase change materials, as well as electrically insulating and conductive materials with advanced thermal properties. With numerous global design centers, the thermal engineering team develops the highest-performance materials and solutions in the industry.  In addition to a wide range of traditional thermal pads, we offer advanced phase change thermal interface materials that soften and conform at operating temperatures to dramatically increase heat removal for more reliable operation.

Laird offers the most extensive product line of both Active and Passive cooling solutions in the industry. 

  • Thermal Management Solutions: T Putty, Thermal interface materials - Gap Fillers, Thermal tapes, phase change material, thermally conductive electrically insulative material - T Gard, thermal grease, Liquid Gap Fillers
  • Inductive Components: EMC Components & Ferrite Cores, Power & Signal Inductors


Laird is a global leader in engineering advanced thermal and electro-magnetic solutions to protect electronic applications. Laird Performance Materials is a business within DuPont Electronics & Industrial, Interconnect Solutions. Global headquarters is Wilmington, Delaware.

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United States & Mexico

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