Vicor designs and manufactures high efficiency power supply products and modular systems.

Vicor Corporation designs, manufactures and markets innovative, high performance modular power components, from bricks to semiconductor-centric solutions. Vicor has a broad range of power conversion and management requirements across all power distribution architectures, including CPA, DPA, IBA, FPA and CBA.

AC-DC  Converters

PFM Isolated AC-DC convertors with PFC
  • AIM  - AC Input Front-end Module 
  • ARM – Autoranging Rectifier Module 
  • EnMods – PFC Front End 
  • FARM  -  Filter Autoranging Rectifier Module
  • HAM   -  AC Harmonic Attenuator Module  PFC Front End 

Power Systems

  • FlatPAC-EN  AC-DC Power Supply 
  • LoPAC  Family   -  AC-DC and DC-DC Power Supplies  
  • MegaPAC  -  AC-DC & DC-DC User Configurable Power Supplies 
  • VIPAC  -  Power System   50-900W 
  • Custom Solutions  - Custom Power Solutions
  • FlatPAC  -  50-600 Watt Power system

DC-DC Convertors 

Isolated Regulated
  • DCM
  • DC-DC Converter Module
  • Regulator and VTM  Current Multiplier
  • Maxi, Mini, Micro Brick -  DC/DC Converters
  • VI-200 / VI-J00 Brick   
  • BatMod  - Current Source Modules
Isolated Fixed Ratio
  • BCM  Ultra High Voltage, Bus Converter Module
  • Low Voltage BCM
  • CM    Low Voltage, Bus Converter Module
  • VI Brick  -   IBC  Intermediate Bus Converter  
  • VTM  -  Current Multiplier
Non-Isolated, Regulated DC/DC
  • Step-Down Buck Regulator
  • Cool-Power  ZVS Buck Switching Regulators
  • Buck-Boost Regulators  -  PRM  Regulator
  • Cool-Power ZVS Buck-Boost 
  • Data Center PRM + VTM  
Non-Isolated Fixed Ratio
  • NBM  Bus Converter Module
Power Systems
  • ComPAC  60-600W DC-DC Power System
  • MegaPac  -  AC-DC and DC-User Configurable Power Supplies
  • VIPAC Array 
  • MegaMod  - Chassis-Mount DC/DC Converter
  • DC MegaPAC  Configurable DC-DC Power 
  • PowerBank
Picor QuietPower 
  • EMI Input Filter Modules 
  • FIAM -  Filter Input Attenuator Module
  • IAM  -   Input Attenuator Module


Vicor designs and manufactures high efficiency power supply products and modular systems, based out of Andover, MA.

Products available in:
United States & Mexico

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