Positronic meets customer needs by manufacturing and delivering high quality, high reliability, high performance connector products at competitive prices.

Designer and manufacturer of High Reliability power & signal connectors. Power & Hybrid, D-Sub, Rectangular and Circular High-Rel connectors. Custom, Military, Space rated, Blind Mate, Press-Fit, Hot Swap, IP65 / IP67 Waterproof, M24308 series and custom cable assemblies. Vast library of 2D & 3D drawings to help the engineering community quickly complete their designs.

At Positronic, we build high reliability power and signal connectors. But our true call is to provide certainty. Rock solid, mission-critical performance upon which you can bank life and limb, family and fortune. We consider it an honor. We consider it an inviolable trust.

Positronic is known globally for the unique ability to quickly modify existing or create new products to meet application-specific needs.


Expertise with solid machined contacts provides a variety of high reliability connectors including high current density power connectors

Products available in:
United States & Mexico

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