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Thermal Management Solutions

CUI Devices is a broad electronic components manufacturer specializing in thermal products, interconnects, audio, and motion components. CUI Devices has reputation for doing quick modifications to standard products and full custom.

DC Fans

Our DC axial fans and centrifugal blowers are designed to provide you with a cooling solution no matter the requirement, ranging in size from 40 mm to 120 mm with up to 200 CFM of output.

Heat Sinks

Designed to dissipate heat in natural convection and forced air environments, our line of aluminum and copper heat sinks has the variety of form factors and transistor package types to meet your on board cooling needs.

Peltier Devices

Utilizing the Peltier effect to transfer heat out of devices via electric current, our diverse line of Peltier devices range in size from 10 mm to 70 mm with a maximum current rating up to 13 A.

Thermal Accessories

Made from non-silicone or silicone elastomer, CUI Devices' thermal pads are precut to fit with our existing line of Peltier modules to improve the heat transfer between heat sinks and thermoelectric coolers.


CFM-V line of dc axial fans that boasts superior performance and reliability compared to conventional sleeve bearing fans, thanks to its innovative omniCOOL™ system. This advanced bearing design bridges the cost-performance gap between traditional sleeve and ball bearing fan technologies. Incorporating a magnetic structure that enables rotor-balancing to minimize tilt, wobble, and friction, the omniCOOL system allows for fan operation at any angle. It also reduces the need for lubricant, further decreasing fan noise and friction. In addition, the bearing system extends operational life by utilizing a specially hardened material that provides additional heat resistance and offers protection against any abrasion that may occur.

The CFM-V series with frame sizes from 40 to 120 mm delivers airflows ranging from 5.4 to 10.8 CFM in the 40 mm series up to 138 CFM in the 120 mm series. Available with rated voltages of 5, 12, 24, and 48 Vdc, all axial fans come as standard with auto restart protection and feature options for tachometer signal and rotation detector depending on the model. Static pressure values range from 0.04 up to 0.41 inch H2O with low rated currents from 26 to 958 mA.

All models in the CFM-V series also carry UL/cUL 507 and TUV EN 60950-1 safety approvals while complying with EN 61000-6-1:2007 limits for EMI/EMC.

With typical MTBF ratings of 70,000 hours @ 40°C and multiple speed options ranging from 1700 to 8500 RPM, CUI’s line of dc axial fans with the omniCOOL system provide the ideal mix of economy and performance for a variety of cooling needs, including telecommunications equipment, medical devices, and industrial applications.


CUI is an electronic components manufacturer, based out of Tualatin, Oregon.

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